Monday, February 3, 2014

February Day 3~ Orange

Today the photo of the day challenge was to photograph something orange! Orange is hard in winter in Ohio! So I did what a ton of others did, used an orange. However, I thought that I would think outside the box and photograph my oranges in the snow! After all, there is a lot of it around! It turned out pretty. I also tried to place the orange in some sparkling water which gave it some pretty little bubbles around the edges. Then while I was shooting my snow pictures, I realize that our snow shovel was orange, so I took a few pictures of that too!



 I have been reading a lot about how to feel a picture and to relax and shoot what you see as beautiful. This is harder then I thought. Sometimes, I just cant find anything that fits my notions. But I have tried and I came up for a few different poses that reflect a real look at things here. Smiles are amazing, but sometimes, they are not there with my girls. So I have been trying to take pictures of who they are and what they look like when I am not begging for smiles! :) Here are a couple here!


So there you have it. I don't think that they are amazing photos, but they are us! I really love the one of Pup holding my arm. Her face looks tired, but that is how she hold my arm and sits with me sometimes! So those are some of the things I have been working on here!

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