Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Photo of the Day 1

I have been reading a million things on how to improve my ability to take better pictures, but now I need to just do it! :) So I found this amazing photographers blog and she is hosting a photo a day challenge for February! It sounded like so much fun that I just had to play along. After, you can only really learn something and get better at it if you DO it! So here we go. This is a list of the challenges by day!
Day one is a picture of me! I took one a few days ago, but I took some more later on that I have not shown you yet! I have been having fun with taking my own picture. You see it allows me to play with focus, lighting, aperture, and ISO without bothering anyone else in my family by endless snapping away! So here are some pictures of me!

So there you have it! Me! I took these with the aperture as low as it would go on my camera (f/3.4) and my ISO set to 400, and my shutter speed at 1/40. I took these in my living room using the decorative mirror above my couch and a lot of zoom to achieve the blurred background! My favorite is the one of my partial face. I think that these would have been better with my face angled a little differently so that the light was in both eyes. But one does their best with a mirror. I cant hold the mirror and the camera, and try to pose myself! If you would like to play along too, pop on by at Fat Mum Slim!

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