Friday, January 24, 2014

Shooting in Maual

I thought that I should start off with a few basics! So the last few days I have been working on reading a million different posts and tutorials that I have found on Pintrest. The key to starting off well with photography is know how your camera works and where to find all the bits that make it work. After, you cant shoot amazing pictures without know how the camera works! So I have set my camera to manual, and started working on quickly changing the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed easily. There are a bunch of great posts that show you where all those buttons are on a DSLR, but I am shooting with a point and shoot. It is a VERY nice point and shoot, and it can shoot in full manual mode, which allows to me to control things the way I want to. It is interesting to see which buttons are similar on the DSLRs and how they work. Today I tried shooting Pup (my 4 year old) on full manual mode. Being inside, by a window, with a moving subject is tricky and I found myself having to constantly adjust the ever important exposure triangle! I found myself learning to not only adjust the settings, but also to read the light meter! What a multi faceted lesson today! Here is what the results were:

Not too bad for manual. These pictures are right out of the camera. I haven't yet figured out good touch up yet! The trick to getting these, was getting pictures from either side of her. The lighting was totally different! Now, my girls are getting a wee bit irritated with all the pictures I have been taking of them, so I employed one of the most shared tip of photographing kids~ Have them so something fun that will make them happy! Makeup....what is not to love? I feel like some turned out too grainy, which means my ISO was too high. So I need to adjust. It is good to see this so I know what to do next!
If you want to see some of the awesome things I have read lately, then be sure to visit my Pintrest board Camera Tips! 

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